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MBU7 Registration

Registration begins February 16, 8 am.

Registration fees for MBU7:

Youth: $20
Adults: Free
Overnight fee (includes breakfast, youth and adult): $7
Adult Lunch: $8 (Due to MBU losing money on the transferring of lunch tickets in the past, adults must purchase an adult lunch ticket.  Lunch tickets of registered youth who do not show up may not be transferred to someone else. )

Special class fees:

Archery: $5
Shotgun: $10
Space Exploration: $10

Using Tentaroo for Class/Activity Registration

Go to
Do not log in to the Council Tentaroo site. You cannot register there.

Create an account/Log in

You will need to first set up an account. After you have filled in the information and submitted it, you will receive a verification email. Click “Activate” in the email to continue. Then log in using your username and password you just set up.

Group Building (do this before registration opens)

First you will need to build a group, entering all Scouts that will be attending MBU. Also enter all adults who will be taking classes, training, eating lunch at the dining hall, and/or staying overnight.

  • Click the “Manage My Group” button in the right sidebar.
  • Click “Add People” to add to your group.
  • Complete the information, and click “Complete”.
  • Repeat for all participants.

Registering for classes/activities (opens 2/16 8:00 am)

  • There are three class sessions: “1” is AM, “2” PM and “1,2” is an all-day class.
  • Click the “Events” icon in the left sidebar. If you don’t see it, click the three horizontal lines icon at the top left. Click the Merit Badge University block at top center. In the new window, again click the Merit Badge University block.
  • In the new window, click the green Register For Event block.
  • Click the name of a Scout. You will need to enter an emergency contact name and number. If either apply, click the radio buttons for Serious Allergies or Dietary Restrictions and add additional info. Click Next and then Next again.
  • You will see available classes and the session numbers listed.
  • Find the class you want to register for and click Add Class.
  • Friday Night: Be sure to select the class “FRIDAY NIGHT On Campus” for each youth and adult staying Friday night. Adults need to be added to the group so they can add the class.
  • Adult Lunch: Adults wanting to eat lunch in the dining hall need to be added to the group so they can add the class Adult Lunch.
  • When you are done with a participant, click Complete. A window will pop up with 2 options: you can Checkout or add another participant.
  • If paying by check, mail it to the address listed earlier in this guide. Select Pay Minimum Required Amount of $0, click Checkout and then Place Order.
  • If paying by Credit Card, select Pay Full Amount, click Checkout, fill out your card info, and then Place Order.
  • Until you Place Order, the schedule you created is not final, and the classes selected can be taken by another participant who submits before you.

Payment by check

  • If paying by check, select “Pay Minimum Required Amount” on the payment options window, and click Checkout. Send the check payable to: Troop 214
    and mail to:
    Beth Wheeler
    1070 Toucan Rd.
    Helena, MT 59602
  • Check must be received within 7 days of registration in order for classes to be secured. If you run into a problem sending it, be sure to be in contact with us so your classes spaces are not released. Thank you!
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